Simple Plan. ♥

So tonight I'm calling all Astronauts, all the lonely people that the world forgot.. If you hear my voice, come pick me up. Are you out there?! 'Cause you're all I've got..
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Celebrating Pat’s Birthday!
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In life, we all need a partner in crime. -Pierre
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Lol Chuck
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Driving to the airport! We have a date tonight! @kiehlscanada #kiehlsgives -Seb
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Some paparazzi snapped a photo of my sunset nap. #weekendgetaway #CanILiveHearPlease? -Pierre
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David I’m falling in love with you…again and again and again ♥ ♥ ♥ His smile, his eyes, his body, his everything asdfsgvfgbgf ♥ :D
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Not sure what is up with Pierre’s face….lol



  • saying Simple Plan are whiny when you only know Perfect, Welcome To My Life, I’m Just A Kid and Untitled. go listen to more songs
  • wondering what has happened to Simple Plan because nothing happened to them
  • wondering why Simple Plan disappeared because they did not
  • saying Simple Plan are only for angsty emo teenagers (wtf seriuosly)
  • forgetting about Jeff and Chuck

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